So, 1 12 vs 212. How much difference does it actually make? Say your playing heavy metal, metalcore and nu metal ( really down tuned like drop c and b). Would a 112 be able to give out a good sound? With a good articulate bottom end.

( I'm asking because I might be getting a peavy 6505+ 112 combo soon.)
Well, from a technical POV you will be able to achieve 3 dB louder with a 2x12, thanks to the additional surface area.

As to the actual sound, it depends on the particular speaker(s). If you have greenbacks, or heritages or whatever, that's where the majority of the sound quality is had, not so much how many of them you have in your box.
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Depends on the amp. In my band I've got a preamp, a 200w SS power amp, and a 2x12 cab with two Celestion Classic Lead knockoffs. The other guitarist has an Orange Rocker 30 head and a 1x12 cab with a Celestion V30. His amp has way more bottom end than mine, and does fine competing with me volume-wise.
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They sound different. How it sounds depend on speakers and construction. My 1x12 is a lot darker than my 2x12 (not better though, to me at least), but has a different speaker and much better construction.
Same perceived volume, but the 212 will sound fuller.
6505+ 112 is actually much larger than most 1x12 cabinets, which helps with the low end. But to be honest, the bass comes from the amp, its just depends how well the speaker/cabinet handles it.
it'll change the response of the speakers and some other technical mumbo jumbo stuff. plus a 212 is a little safer for a 100 watt amp. There aren't too many 200 watt speakers being made.
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