Hi, i was just wondering how long everyone had been playing before they could play this solo (the first), and how long it took to learn,
I've been playing 4 months and have been learning it for 2 weeks now and can play all but the last part (before axl comes in singing again)
I read in quite on few lists that its an intermediate song, but i cant play beginner songs on these lists after weeks of trying, am i doing something wrong?
I was between 1-1.5 years when I learned it and didn't find it hard. But since I had only been learning fast stuff before I found the bends on the first note hard.

To put things in context the first solo I learned in full was Crazy Train and that was after like 2-3 months of playing.
u mean the at solo 1 or 2? cuz if u meant 1 then i agree its freaking hard to me kinda lol

and i've been playing for like year i will try it and i will tell u what up LOL

good luck ;3
Ugh this bugs me so much. Alright OP, everybody learns different things at completely different rates. Don't compare yourself to others, just learn at your own pace and make sure you're enjoying it.

Anywayy, to the question whether you're doing something wrong or not(no offense): yes, probably. The reason november rain is listed as intermediate is because of the bends which can be complicated for some, so if you're having trouble playing beginner songs then you probably aren't bending in tune in that solo. And when it says intermediate, it means the whole thing, not just solo A, which is reasonably easier than solo B.

So yeah, take a step back, practice your chords, learn some theory, learn some basic licks, maybe an AC/DC solo or two, then come back to this song and it should be cake. Good luck.