Hello I recently picked up the guitar again (3 weeks ago) I used to play alot but quite for a year. I am noticing a pain/ache where the wrist meets the thumbs in the top side of the hand when I hit any not higher then the 5th fret on the Low E string with my pinky..

Its really getting annoying I have tried relaxing..didn't work so then I tried repositioning my thumb but it still hurt.

Preez Howp
Ignore this.
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You may have to readjust your guitar.

This means finding the perfect balance of strap height, angle of the guitar neck to the floor and the position of the guitar in relation to your midline (center of your body.)

For example. When playing guitar I had the same problem. To fix it I had to adjust the strap to get the guitar a little higher on my body.
I had to decrease the angle of the guitar body to the floor which means I slid the strap further over my shoulder. imagine the hands of a clock going from the 1 o clock position to more of a 2 o clock position. (maybe 3/4ths of the way)

I also slid the guitar over slightly so it is not directly over my Midline. instead it is slightly over to my right side.

You will have to mess around to see the perfect playing position. and find it to your liking.
Also make sure you are not pressing to hard with the thumb which could also be a problem sense it is really easy to go from relaxed to tense with out noticing.

just a note when I play and I move beyond the 13th fret I have to shift the position of the guitar by placing the guitar neck back in the 1, o clock position. I shift back when not playing above 12th fret.
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