Well ordered a Silver Creek D160 Dreadnought off of Musicians Friend. It has a solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides. When it arrived I tore it open checked everything out and tuned it. Then began to play for a couple of hours. Wow the guitar sounds and plays great. I'm so glad I got a good one. The guitar looks perfect the only thing I didn't like was the finish on the top was very yellow in color but I can live with that since everything else was great.This is one fine guitar for the price. I got it on sale for $199.00 wow! Can't beat that for a good deal. Here are some pictures.
It's very yellow, although that could just be the photos...
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Holy crap, check this out!
sexy wood on the back and neck omggggg, not fond of the top

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Totally agree with deafening!
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Congrats! It looks like a really awesome guitar- a great find! Especially since the top is solid. You don't normally see that until you get into the 300 dollar range. I actually like the color of the top, to be honest. It's a nice, warm colour. But hey, we all have our opinions. Congrats on the new guitar, and happy playing!