I'm considering getting a new bass in a few weeks, and originally I was going to get a different 5'er or a 6'er, then realized that I don't use the B string to begin with, why add in the C to it too So, I've come across 2 basses that I really like.

1) Schecter Stiletto Extreme 4
2) Spector Legend Classic 4

Whichever it is I'd get, it'd be in black cherry, because that's just a sexy finish.

Now, what would you guys recommend for mostly thrash metal, and I occasionally play other random stuff i.e. slap and just acoustic accompanying.

Also, anyone have any experience with these? to give me some wise words of advice?

Thanks alot!
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I own a Schecter stiletto custom and it's extremely versatile, it can play anything from jazz to thrash. I love that thing to death. Not too sure about the spector though.
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The spector. Ide stay away from schecter if you can.
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I've had the Spector Legend and was such a clean tone. Thumpy with a good treble range to boot. I also like schecter's studio bass, because the solid neck-through construction...but IMO, their bolt-on basses lack a certain...roundness. Too-flat and sterile.

Bass tones are hard to find.
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Alright; so far, Spector it is anyone know where I could get one in Canada?
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I have a Spector and I love it. The neck is amazing, and it can play any style. Some people like Schecters, although they didn't do much for me. If you haven't already, go out and play them both. One is going to feel better to you than the other, and the internet can only help so much.

That said, you should totally get the Spector.

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