I recently bought my first stomp box, a Boss '59 Fender Bassman.

I'm very satisfied with the sound, however, the LED light stays on no matter if the effect is on or off. I have it connected AC adapter--the one indicated on the manual--and I also have it plugged into the factory battery which comes in handy when some steps on AC adapter and unplugs it.

I got this pedal recently, less than a month ago and would really like to know what I can do to get the LED light to indicate whether the effect is on or not, not just if the pedal has access to power. Its really frustrating because I never know if the effect is on or if its bypassed. Is there anything I can do? Or is this something better off discussed with a tech?

Rewire it so the on signal from the stomp button goes through the LED to the guts.
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