New Cab Day!

What we have here is an EarCandy BassBomb 212. I just purchased this off craigslist today. I had never heard of this company before. Apparently they hand make every cabinet custom to order. Scott Kelly of Neurosis is a big fan of theirs and uses these.

Let me just say this thing has HUGE sound. This is capable of 900w of pure thunder. I am absolutely loving the sound I'm getting out of this. There are no tweeters or horns, as the company claims that the cabs are ported and tuned properly, can handle any type of style or instrument, and produces a 45Hz - 5,500KHz frequency range. They also say they use a proprietary blend of tone woods: pine, birch and some mahogany.

I believe the tolex color is what they refer to as Diablo. These pictures do not do justice to how beautiful the tolex is. My GF is on business travel but when she's back I'll use her 18MP Canon to show just how gorgeous this cab is. Wheat cloth grill with immaculate stitching. Telescoping handle with casters which I doubt I'll use much, as it has deep very convenient side handles.

I believe they use 2 Eminence 12" speakers with 4 ports. Running my SVT-3 Pro through this is butter. Now without further ado...

Sorry for semi-poor quality pictures. iPhone with no flash doesn't handle artificial lighting well.

Anyways, like I said this thing is incredible. I'm going to have to give it lots more face time, but I'm already thinking of selling my SVT-610 and getting a second one of these as my main rig. It feels like it weighs about 60 pounds or so. Easy to move around and amazing sound.

For now I may build a series patch box and run this WITH my 610, or sell my SVT-3 and get a SVT-4 and run them in parallel at 2 ohms.

No sound clips for now, as I don't have a microphone and record at my apt with my head's XLR output, but maybe I'll borrow one from a bandmate and get you guys some samples

Oh and I should probably add that I paid a whopping $250 for this heh...
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capable of 900W???????????????????? why would anyone nned so much power????? it looks great looking forward to some sound examples
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
Quote by crohno
capable of 900W???????????????????? why would anyone nned so much power????? it looks great looking forward to some sound examples

Blasphemy!! What are you doing in the bass forum?!?!?!? A true bassist knows there is no such thing as too much POWER!!!!!

...on a serious note nice cab mate I've always been a fan of 12's. As for buying the SVT-4...does it go down to 2 ohm?. Or you could just buy a separate pre and power amp...either route would work
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SVT-4 supports 600W at 2 ohms. That would making plugging in 2 4 ohm cabinets in parallel a snap.

A separate pre and power might be a good idea, but I don't know much about those or what I would be looking for, and I do really enjoy my SVT sound.
SVP IIpro plus power amp of your choice youd get the ampeg sound and it would be lighter.
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I've never seen that come up on craigslist before and don't have the means to buy both a preamp and a poweramp at retail. I like the idea of going with the SVT-4.