I'm surrounded by boxes,
containers, rolled up posters.
My room bears resemblance to a,
post office.
I thought I would be excited to move out.
Find a new life,
live with my own dreams.
But I'm afraid.
I'm afriad that they will have competely dismantled our house,
floorboard by floorboard.
The life that I'm leaving behind is vulnerable to an animosity that I hadn't known existed.
Without me in the center
they circle like vultures and orbit like moons
thier gravity slowly ripping apart the home that I grew up in.
Now as I leave this exploding house, I realise
I'm at a point of no return.

If you took all of the good moments
the fun family vacations to the same motel in florida
summer camps on the lake
Christmas holidays
lazy summer weekends
birthday dinners at outback steakhouse
analog camcorder films
trips to the sledhill
worn paper kodaks
akward laughs at the dinner table

all of the last 19 years
they could be condensed to one month
30 induvidual moments of happieness
nothing more

but this house,
this house is worth more
than the induvidual floorboards

'08 Ibanez S5470 Prestige
Gibson SG Special - discontinued teal finish
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Holy crap this is really good. I would change a few lines around a bit, such as
thier gravity slowly ripping apart the home that I grew up in.
Make it.

Their house that I grew up in being ripped away