Some tracks I've thrown together.
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Red Locusts:


Lemme know what you think
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Surtr sounded pretty good, very thrashy at certain parts. The guitar parts are quite impressive. The drums are pretty basic and the high hats kinda wash out a lot of stuff in the mix by over powering everything. Liked the distorted bass tones pretty cool. Good song, though towards the end it seems to get a bit repetative

RedLocusts had a kinda silly intro, then the song kicked in and for awhile it started to sound a lot like Surtr. You really like to alternater pick 16th noted don't ya This one did a good job of not dragging out like Surtr did. Good to see it started changing some around the 2:45 mark too. As far as the bass and drum goes, pretty much the same opinon as the first song. Really like the natural harmonic runs

Again, very thrashy with the approche. It's even starting to sound like they were all in the same bpm tempo as well. Once again, as the song progresses a little more there are some welcome changes with the vibe of the song. Bass and drums....see above 2 song reviews.

All in all it's some entertaining stuff to listen to. Not really my genre, but I appreciate good musicianship when I hear it. Just think a little outside of the box now, change it up some from song to song.

Here's mine


I'd appreciate your opinion too. Critique and praise are very welcome. Cheers
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Sounds pretty erratic in the beginning, but I do like the thrash. It seems like there isn't much of a structure. Maybe I didn't listen well enough? But so far it seems like a new riff is played every 15-20 seconds. Nevermind just heard a familiar riff lol.

You could certainly use a better drum beat, and I think lyrics could fit nicely over this piece. As it stands now, it reminds me of music they might play in a car chase or something in a movie haha.

I like the small bits of tremelo picking. Maybe add a piece devoted to more of it to spice up your song? I keep expecting those parts to last longer, but then they're gone after about a second.


I like the sudden change from thrash to a nice little riff in the beginning. The thrash parts are full of energy and give you a bit of build up.

You have all of these neat parts in your songs, but you don't seem to expand upon them much, like at 1:05 you've got a pretty cool guitar piece going on, but then it goes back to thrash almost instantly. I'm not sure if that is your style or intention, but I think it would sound more interesting if you expanded on those. It happens again at about 2:50.

I'm not sure if my computer did something wrong, but it seems that it just ends at the end of the song? Like, just cuts off, there's no outro or fade or anything, it just stops lol.


I really like how this one isn't thrash all day every day. The song is much more enjoyable with all these lighter riffs.

I had planned on not listening all the way through on this one because I figured it would be more of the same, but this one changed in a pleasant way.

Once again it seems to just end. I would try writing a little outro or fading it.

I think you're songs have potential, you just need to spice them up so we aren't just listening to you jam some chords with a pick slide here and there. Try solos, get a drummer and do some fills, vary your riffs, add a melody. I see that it says instrumental, but I think lyrics could do a lot for your songs.
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Yeah, they are honestly sort of all in the same vein, and really just seeing what I could do, and I was sort of at a loss for an outro.

I've thought about lyrics but wasn't really sure where to go with them, and thats sort of why Surtr ended up repeating a bit, I figured itd be a nice part to throw in a chorus or something.

Actually having real drumming skills would definitely go a long way as well, but I thought it sounded better than just no drums at all, so it was really sort of a "Well, guess its better than nothing" approach :P

My biggest problem with lyrics as well, is that I am not really sure how I'd go. Clean doesn't seem like it'd be appropriate, but as for how growly or potentially distorted, not really sure on that.

Thanks for the input!
"Surtr": Your playing is tight. Audio quality of everything is very good. Very cool string scrapes! It sounds very good, but it's kind of long (but that could work as background music for an action film) & a bit repetitive. Some good vocals probably wouldn't hurt. Overall, it has lots of good stuff! "Red Locusts": parts of it sound a lot like "Surtr". I like the parts that sound a bit surfish. I like the harmonic slides. This could work as movie music too. A more appropriate length, but ending is awfully abrupt. Once again: tight playing & very good audio quality. Except for the ending, it's a very good recording.
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