i wanna get one of these as my next head played through my mesa 4x12 recto cabs.
which would be a better choice?

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5150 is a wicked metal amp, but for the things you're listing, i'd go with the JSX.
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MArk V would be the best choice. Hahahaha.
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I actually have a 5150 with a v30 cab and i love it. Its arguably the best amp for metal (killswitch, lamb of god, slayer) but it has absolute no versatility. I've used a Jsx and it defiantly doesn't have as good as a metal tone but it is great for everything else and is wayyyyyy more versatile. If you know you want to move exclusively to metal than go with the 5150 but if not than I'd go with the jsx
You could look into a used JCM 2000 DSL 100. Its pretty versatile. It has a great clean channel, a really nice gain channel, and a good high gain channel. With a simple boost or overdrive, it gets pretty heavy. A lot heavier than anything I use it for.

But with what you listed, My vote goes to a JSX
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Out of the two I would say JSX, but there are better things out there for what you want. Minus LOG and killswitch I think a more vintage voiced amp would be better.

edit: +1 to the guy above
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I make my 5150 combo pretty versatile. You can tweak it pretty well. I'm not sure if the head is much different. But I personally hate the JSX. Couldn't do what I wanted.