I'm fairly new to guitar, and for equipment I have a basic amp and an electrict guitar...no pedals, harnmonizers, etc. I read the information on these items but could not find an answer to my question.
Is there a way or a piece of equipment where you can switch instantly from an acoustic sound to a metal sound? For example: I've learned Metallica's "Fade to Black." I start with my MicroCube amp set to the "JC Clean" setting for the acoustic part. Then I have to stop playing to switch to a high distortion setting to play the heavy electric parts and solos. Then, when the song goes back to the acoustic sounding part for the verse, I have to stop playing and switch the settings on my amp again. Any suggestions?
An amp with a footswitch.
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Either an amp with multiple channels that you can change with a footswitch, or get a distortion pedal and use it with your clean channel on.
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