my local guitar shop has a used Epiphone Goth Les Paul for sale. Its only about $150

here's my difficulty. the guitar has a decent sound when i was playing around with it last week at the shop. however the pickups have rust spots on them, plus the pickup switch and Tune-O-Matic bridge are caked with what i'm guessing is human skin. the stuff would come off with my fingernail.

its normally around $300-350 guitar brand new

good sound
body and neck in great condition
no noticeable scratched

white crap all over the bridge/ pick up switch
pickups spotted with rust

what do you think?
See if they'll give it a good cleaning and set-up if you bought it
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Rust on the pickups doesn't affect the sound at all. Also, any guitar can be cleaned. A dirty guitar is not a good reason not to buy one.

If you like the way it feels, then you should get it. I didn't. I had a Goth SG for a couple years, and I just sold it recently. I really hated it, and never played it. Oafish neck, short scale (which I can't play on)... it was just really bad for me.

But if it's good for you, then you should grab it. That's a fair price.
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