Hey guys, just wondering if some of you can help me!
I have two guitars I'm wanting to be rid of, but I need some good estimates for how much i should sell them for.

Guitar #1 Ibanez Iceman ICX-120, upgraded with new pots, and SH-6 Bridge Pickup, very good condition (color is black with creme binding)

Guitar #2 ESP/LTD SC-200, upgraded with Active EMG's 81/85 set (color is "See Through Green") Good condition (chip on the side)

If some of you could give me a accurate estimate it would be greatly appreciated!
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Quote by connorhxcchaos
if you were to sell then youd get about 600 for each

More like half that i'd imagine.
If you still have the stock pickups stick them back in because honestly pickup upgrades dont really add much value.
^ +1. If anything, aftermarket mods detract from value, because most of the time people won't want what you did with the guitar. It's best to sell it stock, so the buyer can do whatever they want with it.
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