Hi, so im bassicly screwing around with my TOM bridge on my les paul because of the fret buzz, and i was wondering if the bridge( its two screws one on one side the other on the other) be screwed in/out diferently


Like so ? Or must it be in the same level.. because when things seem decent the D/G string still buzz...

Also is there some thread/site on electric guitar action ? How does anormal action look like? Because i dont wanna take it TO high.. then again i really dont know how high is to much.

You spelled position as 'possision'. Your TOM bridge is the least of your worries.
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There is no such thing as too high or too low action. Action is a personal preference that varies depending on the player. The bridge doesn't have to be completely level, it's normal for the bass strings side to be a little higher.
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Usually they aren't totally level; the bass side is typically half a millimetre or so higher than the treble side.
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Half a millimetre ? Thats... not alot... Surely not enought to spot a diffrence with an eye
Your bridge radius may not match the fingerboard radius. If the bridge radius is larger the the inside strings would be lower compared to the outside strings causing them to buzz. The two pics below show what I mean.....
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