hello guitarists,
im a drummer and therefore know nothing about music (thought id get that one in before anybody else does,lol) and ive joined looking for a little help in identifying/valuing a guitar that i have owned since the late 90's.its a semi-acoustic (or is it electro-acoustic?) so i wasnt really sure which section to post this in (so iv posted in both) here is a bad photo of it:

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The model is a Washburn EA20 s/b .Its black with white trim (?) and a beautiful looking and sounding guitar and im led to beleive its the same as that fella out of extreme used for that 'more than words' song they had a hit with.
Iv looked all over google and im not able to find any details of this guitar at all so im guessing it may be quite unusual ?

Any help is very much appreciated.Im looking to sell it eventually so really looking for a valuation as much as anything.
cheers everyone
Haha, you're a drummer hence you know nothing about music.

In other news, I would say about $350-400, if it's in very good condition.
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Holy crap, check this out!