About to tune my guitar to drop C tuning but i have afew questions about it first.

The strings im going to put on it are Beefy slinks (11-54) and i was wondering are there any special adjustments i need to make to the guitar (i.e truss rod adjustments or anything to the guitar nut)

My guitar is a jackson DKMGT (non-trem) and the stings i currently have on it are regular slinkys (10-46) in standard tuning.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can give.
No, you probably won't need to adjust. You're going to a heavier gauge, which will increase tension on the neck, but at the same time you're going to a lower tuning, which will relieve tension. In the end, it'll probably be around the same.

If you want to know the exact numbers, you can use this: http://www.mcdonaldstrings.com/stringxxiii.html
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I use regular guage strings and I sometimes tune down to drop A#/B and I actually don't have much problems. Just don't tune low which normal guage with a floyd. Can mess up bad.
It's not ideal, to have a full stepped drop on a standard neck -- but it works for 95% of people, so there's no reason why it shouldn't work for you
If you are changing the gauge of your strings from 10's to 11's you will want to resetup your guitar as the string tensions will be different.

They will have more force applied to the neck so the truss rod will need tightening and you will probably have to adjust the intonation also as the strings will vibrate at a tighter frequency (?)

It wont make much difference to playability, but in the long run if you change your gauge of strings but not your set up you can damage your axe
It would seem if you are picking up the gauge of the strings and lowering your tuning. You would be putting less tension on your neck..You should be fine in the short term but if this is long term I'd get it re set up.
I changed to 11's and drop c on my old guitar 6 months, I haven't seen a difference. If you do notice the neck change I'd get it set up, but its completely fixable, thats why there's a truss rod.
intonation will probably need to be re-set. neck adjustment shouldn't be necessary though.
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I use 10-52s for Drop C / Standard i have no issues with inotation or anything, sometimes might need a slight adjust every few weeks but other than that all sweet.

Although i don't really play in standard anymore now, trying to stay away from standard since there's only 1 band i like to play in standard where there's like 15 bands i like in drop c kinda annoying