This entire thread now contains pictures of the building of a new cabinet for a very old, but still amazing, Trace Elliot bass combo.

I've left the initial post here so the other posts make sense, as I didnt wanna clog the forum with a seperate thread of the build

So here goes! :

Hi everyone, first post here after lurking for some time.

Basically, I inherited an old, beaten up Trace Elliot bass combo amp (unable to check the model right now...) who's cabinet, tolex etc was wrecked.

I've taken it apart, so just have the speaker and amp head, and am in the process of building a new cabinet for it, just in smaller dimensions to match my current Trace bass combo (712 GP7SMC) (or similar scale, not exact size due to the size of the old speaker).

Basically, I'd like to know if there is anything I need to watch out for when building the new box for it?

I'll be posting progress pics as I go along too

Thanks in advance!

edit: And here's how it starts:

(photo/info dragged form the internet)

And a low-res shot of it in real life:
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There's nothing terribly unusual or special about building a box for a combo. You just need somewhere strong to mount the amplifier guts, and a hole for the speaker(s) to sit in. The only requirement is that it's strong.
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Holy crap, check this out!
Thanks for the quick reply.

I worried as I'd seen all sorts of information on building speaker cabinets for basses, talking about modes, waves, cubic volume etc, and wondered if it'd apply to combo building.
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Sorry about bumping this, but if anyone's interested I went ahead and made the new cabinet for the bass combo today!
It's almost finished, just need to caulk all the inside joints so its airtight, and wood-fill any outside blemishes, and sand down.
Shall be waiting for my tolex then...thats when the fun [/sarcasm] begins!

Here's how far I got today:

and with the half finished baffle board and amp head mock up:

Tolex will be vintage candy apple green, to give it a more retro look. The head and baffle board will be recessed so as not to stick out. I'll be re-using the grill from the old amp, which is black. Just renewing the frame.

Nice. That looks good. Is that like a cabitnet grade plywood? It looks really nice. I used ugly plywood since I was going to be covering it. Your wood would look good stained too.
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Unfortunately, its not cabinet grade nope. The old cab we demolished was 11 ply, and the stuff we used for this cabinet is 9 ply, but normal plywood. So pretty strong, but nowhere near as expensive as cabinet grade plywood!
Its just fortunate we have all the tools here we could ever need to do it i guess, which is always a plus.
If I reboxed one of my gutiar amps I'd think about staining it, but doing it in different wood. Seen a very nice example somewhere, but can't for the life of me find it again.
From the picture the wood looks pretty good. Better then what I used. Just got a couple of $15 sheets from Lowes. But since I covered it, it looks fine. You did a good job, I like that.
Epiphone Les Paul Custom AP (w/ 2 Seymour Duncans)
Jackson Dx10D Dinky (w/ DiMarzio PAF Bridge)
Epihpone Hummingbird

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 (Voodoo Modified)
Custom 4x12 Halfstack (w/ Veteran 30's)
Bit of an update!

Got the baffle and inside sprayed black, mounted the 15" speaker, and mounted both parts to the amp (its quite old, so the front part with the dials, and the back part with the fan etc are actually split in two!) to the cabinet.

All the accessories like handles etc are sitting at home waiting to be fitted, I just have to order the tolex to cover it (now going to be grass green, due to availability and cost).

Shall be uploading a picture of the progress later on this evening.

It all works anyway, and sounds absolutely lovely for a retro Trace Elliot!

I'll try and hunt down a "before" picture also. It think its so old, its quite difficult to find anything online for it.
Just one photo update:

Cut down the grille from the old amp, to re-use it on this one, with a petrol disc cutter Made light work of it!

Hopefully we'll get the grille frame cut and screwed up soon, to get the grille mounted onto the amp.

The tolex will be ordered very soon, and this is the thumbnail of it:

More updates pretty soon then with a bit of luck!
Yesterday I made the grille frame for the amp, took the cut down grille and stapled it into the frame. Grille and frame are awaiting a re-spray with black enamel, which will hopefully be done later (with a pic). Also received delivery of two metres of the green fabric vinyl, which hopefully I'll be covering it with soon...as soon as my side handles arrive!

But for now, here is is pre-respray!

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I was going to actually! I even ordered the jack plugs and sockets to solder on. Because its an old school amp, it has connectors and not jack plug into jack socket. In the end I just decided it was easier to rebuild the combo into a tall unit.

The tolex looks absolutely STUNNING in real life. To be fair, its a damn accurate picture.
Everything is here such as corner covers, tolex, feet etc apart from the side handles, and thats all I'm waiting for before I cut out the side holes, then tolex it.

This is my first build, and I'm very proud of it so far!
Just a quick addition:

Cut down the tolex to size yesterday, ready for it to hopefully be glued tonight.

After doing this, we found out there is enough tolex and plywood left to build a box for the amp head of my other Trace Elliot combo (the 712 GP7 as mentioned in the first post).

So last night we set about building the small rack, and managed, in the short space of an hour, to get the entire box built, and every step done as far as the filler. That will be sanded down later, and hopefully if we have the glue, will then be covered in the green tolex.

While that's drying, the tolex-ing of the big combo will commense!

And by the time the combo is tolexed, the little box should be dry, ready to put the feet and handle on, then fit the rack inside.

Given all this, there should be a few more pictures coming your way soon enough, of both the finished products! (I didnt bother to detail making the little one in pictures, due to how quick it was built, and because it's much the same process as the combo, but easier).

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Here's the amp head little side project, all finished up! Its not a perfect tolexing job, but it was my first, without any practise (I know..!). So :

What does everyone think?
Cheers dude!

Hopefully once the rain here clears up, I'll be able to tolex the big cabinet and get the long awaited project finished
Agreed, awesome. Also, it burns. I like it.

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It`s my guitar, and if you don`t like it, well I don`t care if you like it now do I?
Haha glad everyone likes it, I certainly do!

Can't wait to see how the combo turns out....if this little box burns, the huge one in the posts above is gonna rock!

But yeah, the green gives it a vintage retro vibe, and the combo is a pretty old one anyway, so it should definately work with it
Just a brief update:

The entire outside of the combo has been tolexed! The side handles, plus the feet have been fitted also.

All thats left is the big square back panel of tolex, and a wrap of tolex around the shelf, which will be done later on.

With a bit of luck, we should have mroe pictorial updates for you all by this evening.

It is looking damn fine already though if I do say so myself
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As promised, here's a pic!

note. I haven't fitted the black steel corner covers, or the rack part yet. Aside from those, its done!

very last picture/info update of this project. The whole thing is now finished off. Handles, corners, amp, the lot.

So here she is!

Dude that is schmexy schmexy. I love the mojo on those old trace elliot amps.
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