Hey everyone, I need some help picking out my second guitar, since my other one broke.
Im looking for one suitable for shredding, stuff like neoclassical.
I used to be into alot of metal, but i've been growing out of it lately. Blues also rubbed off on me a bit. Pretty much, I'm looking for a guitar that's versatile, but has an edge to shred.
I'm also looking for a guitar that looks unique, but one that I won't get sick of after a while (for instance, i'd get sick of a razorback after a while).

Actually, I've been thinking of getting an ibanez rg350dx
I just dont want to regret buying it, and I just want to see if there's any other guitars out there.
Edit: Also, my price range is from 300-500

Oh, and if there's any others, I really prefer 24 frets and a tremelo
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I recommend you consider LTDs - I find them to be very similar in features but sooo much nicer than similarly priced ibanez models.
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Holy crap, check this out!
I like it, Ibanez makes pretty good guitars and that guitar has a Steve Vai look to it.
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You're moving away from metal, but into neo classical shred? Sorry bud, that'd be incredible awkward to do. Kudos for doing so though.

For your budget you won't get anything worth playing, I suggest save up for a few more months and come back with a larger price range. I'm very sure it's not urgent to get one yes? :p

My 2cents, save up, and take a look at Suhr guitars, and Agile. Suhr is great for shred, look up Gothrie Govan, he uses them and is absolutely incredible. And Agile guitars are very low priced, for incredible quality.

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How did your guitar break?

And what was it? Did you like it? Do you have any idea of what you might like feelwise?
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My other one was originally broken when I got it. It's gotten alot worse in the past year because the tremelo is stuck, and my bridge somehow got elevated by about an inch.
There's also tons of cracks in the pickguard.

It was a squire strat, indonesian made. the pickguard was also a mirror.
it was good in the beginning i guess, but ive been hating it lately.
Neoclassical you say? If I were you I'd buy a Mexican Strat and stick hot pickups in it. Then I'd get the neck scalloped, Malmsteen style.

Of course, if you're too much of a pansy to do that you could always buy an Ibby, wielded by such icons as Vai, Satch and Timmons. I'd stay away from Schecters and Deans and the likes, they're way over-rated on this forum.
strat shredding ftw! get a used MIM and throw some hot pups in their like the nice man above me said. i like schecter though.
Well, there are a lot of good guitars, but I always recommend Jacksons. I would alos try looking used too. I found my latest Epiphone Les Paul Custom with a lot of extras for $150 on craigslist. Hope you find a good deal.
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If you had an electric guitar last, I would go for an acoustic this time, and vice versa. This gives you a feel for both sides. But then again, you did say you like shredding, so an electric might be your choice. You should check out Dean, Jackson, or Ibanez. Ibanez makes good shredding guitars, and I know many friends who own Ibanez guitars. They are very durable; a guy from my church has a 20 year old one that has been through some rough times, and has the wear marks to show it . It still plays beautifully though, and Ibanez really is a great company, making durably guitars. I would definatly check em out. Before you buy a guitar though, you should play it of course, and read some reviews. Good luck, and happy guitar playing!