So i've tried to lower the action of this as low as i can, the nut is fair low not really aissue there but the action is still high even tho the bridge is compleatly low as it goes,

I was thinking, could it be possible to remove the neck and put something under the neck and rebolt it on to lift the neck higher to the strings?

This guitar is more of a mod guitar and just stuff for lower tunings like Drop B etc and mess around that i can't care if it gets huge dings in it or whatever but i still want it to be nice setup like my other guitar which has amazing low action
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hey ive got a grg170dx thats pretty low already, you want me to like measure the nut and stuff and see what ive got?
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Man I got one and the action is insanely high. I cant seem to set it up low cause it's fret buzz everywhere.

How low did you say you could get it?

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I keep my Schecter in dropped D all the time, and i didn't buy an attachment of any kind.

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