Hi everyone,

A couple questions. First, I just bought a Sheraton 2 and I’ve had it for a couple weeks now. I notice that I am getting a little fret buzz all over and on the 3rd string at the 9th fret the note seems to die compared to the 8th and 10th fret. Other notes on different strings in that area seem a little dull too. I can best describe it as a little buzz and little sustain compared to the adjacent frets. I hear a slight “buzz” on the open strings as well - weird. I tried checking for a high fret using a straight edge (mentioned in another thread) and never saw the straight edge rocking anywhere.

The guitar was set-up at the store about a month or two before I brought it home. I didn’t notice this until about a week ago. Is this something to be concerned about or is it easy enough to correct with a setup? Could it be the strings? The nut? At this point I can still return the guitar and get something else.

Second, if I get something else, I was considering is a Gretsch G5122 double cut away. I like the hollow/semi-hollows but so far I haven’t had a chance to try one out. Would the floating bridge be a concern? I like blues, classic rock; mostly clean tones with reverb. Not into distortion much. I am currently am using a 15w Vox Valvetronix. I would call myself an intermediate beginner, and at this point I can’t justify spending $$$ for a Gibson. Your thoughts???