Hi guys,
i need to buy a guitar amp for a lot of gigs i have got coming up. i am willing to spend up to £250. i currently use 3 different guitars on our set which are a fender jaguar, a dean z79 and a fender stratocaster and am looking for an amp with a good all round sound.
i was considering the white horse gt260 but as its gear4musics home brand im not sure aobut the make. hope you can help guys
no way mate!!!!!!!!! if your gonna do a lot of gigs then you really want something that will last and can take a beating!!!!!!!

scour ebay for a decent combo or heap/cab. laney or marshall !!!

good luck!! p.s a laney lv300 under 200 quid!!
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TS - In that price range, in the UK, I'd be looking at some Laneys.
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was just going to post that link becky lol

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was just going to post that link becky lol

I was going to say VC, too, because it really is the first thing that comes to mind when reading the OP. But I'm not gonna recommend anything until the guy reports back.
im looking for an amp for a nice warm clean channel but so i can also use my boss metal zone pedal for a metal sound

I was also considering a stack or half stack but how much power would i need
cos i found a nice £300 stack but it only has 5w and im gessin thats nowhere near enough?
which would be a ht5 one right?

Its a good amp but very limited and would have no where near enough clean headroom for gigging IMO

seriously an amp like the VC30 has the cleans and takes pedals well in my experiences

1977 Burny FLG70
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Yeah my laney has great cleans, very warm, british, and takes the 10 pedals i run into it very well.

You wont get a decent half stack in that budget, at least not one that'll gig.