Up for sale or possible trade is my Mania branded 5 string bass. It's a VTB-5B or something like that, I can't remember to be honest. Bought it for £360ish in 2007 and I've looked after it well, there's no dents or anything on the body, and just a couple of small chips on the headstock you probably won't notice. These got rave reviews when they went on sale in 2005-6 or thereabouts, including best bass under £500 from Guitar and Bass magazine.


24 frets, 2 humbuckers, controls are 2 band active EQ, volume and pickup blend. Neck through with a very nice quilted top and back over a mahogany core. The headstock has a quilted veneer as well so it's definitely a looker. I'll post some pics later.

I won't lie - the preamp is far from the world's best and the pots need replacing or cleaning or something, they're a bit scratchy. If I can't get the right price for it then it'll get an electronics overhaul at some point.

Basically it'll make a great looking and solid bass for someone who wants their first 5er or someone who wants to experiment with preamps and things. I'd love to keep it but I'm really an Ibanez man and this doesn't get the playing it deserves, so make me an offer if you fancy it.

Anyone in the Plymouth area is welcome to try before they buy and I'm happy to drive it to any buyer within a reasonable distance from Plymouth.
I've done some more research, apparently the wood in the neck is nato and mahogany and the top and back are bubinga. The humbuckers are reportedly made by Kramer but I've never taken them out and looked at the back of them to find out.
How much would you want for this man?
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Bump for another pic... here

Will accept £200 or a trade for something of similar value.
Anyone want to trade something interesting for this? It's a great first 5er, just not what I'm after at the moment tonewise.
Bump...surprised I've still got this, make me an offer if you fancy it

I'm going to Reading, Southampton and Portsmouth over the next week so if you're in any of those places and are thinking of buying, get back to me so I know to take it with me
Will consider trades for cabs, basses, telecasters, effects, anything interesting basically