I have moved on to a band that doesnt require such high gain sound. The active pickups in this make it a little overpowering for what I am doing now, they dial down nicely with the volume control but to be honest I am not too big a fan of actives as I am a lazy bum and dont like changing batteries - at least I am honest. .

The have rave reviews and it is a great playing and sounding guitar I am only looking to move it because I am not getting on with active pickups too well. I have a couple of strats and would like to keep a humbucker guitar in my arsenal - so looking specifically for humbucker guitars, no floyd rose trems. Anyone have any interest in a trade? Guitar is in excellent condition - very slight buckle rash as is usual. Hard Case not included, unless the trade also includes a hard case.

Pics below.
Front View.



Assorted items in seperate thread in FX and Studio Gear. I am unable to change the thread title.
Bump - only the guitar left guys, all the other stuff went on Music Radar pretty quick
Nobody interested in this?
How much for the guitar?
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Quote by Fisheth24
How much for the guitar?

Hi Fisheth24, they are around £300 new and seem to go for around £240 - £260 on E-Bay so I would probably be looking at around £220 with a gig bag. That sound fair?
Final bump on this, I guess the market is somewhat stale ayt the moment . . . .