The tone boost is a push pull volume knob or no? Im wondering if it is just a volume knob or do i need another knob to control volume and route an extra hole for this one. Also i would like to pair it with a d activator x and i dont know if that is possible with this abq boost nonsense??!!!?? Any help is good and dont mind my english if its not good.
To turn on the gain you push the knob down. To turn off the gain you pull the knob up. The knob itself acts as a master volume. To change the amount of gain you must mess with the gain trimmer which would be found under the knob (I don't know how best the explain that)

(It's the blue box in the picture, the dial is underneath it)

It is possible to pair it with another passive humbucker.

For a full wiring diagram you can check out this PDF file from EMG and look at page 3.

The D Activator X, in the right guitar, is already an Alexi Tone Monster, and has plenty of gain to boot.

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Oh thanks puffdaddy i think i will try to wire it so i just have one volume knob (the abq) and the emg/d activator witha 3 way toggle. Cheers