I turned on my amp and went off and did a few things, then came back and flicked the standby on. Then i started to play random notes, but there was no sound. I checked the tone knob, but it was at 10. Next i cranked the volume up to 11 on my amp and i heard the notes i played. But the sound coming out was not loud at all.
This is the second time this has happened, happened about 2-3 months ago to my vox, now my Dsl50. Whats going on?
do you treat your amp as gently as possible? knocking it about can damage your power tubes. is the speaker/speaker cab the right impedance?

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might be your cords your using but if not it might be a good idea to buy a power conditioner. You might want to look at a furman or an alesis power conditioner. They help regulate how much voltage and power are going to your amp. If too much voltage gets through or is being used your power tubes can be overloaded. This isn't very common but i have heard of this happening before. Once you have a power conditioner it should always be running around 120 volts.

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I checked the tubes again. The 2 El34 are glowing quite evenly, but 2/4 of the ECC83 are glowing. Hmm this changes everything...