I play both electric and acoustic and practice on average 2 hours a day.

My problem is I use 9's on my electic which I like, I good get a good balance of tone and bend. I only use my acoustic for strumming/rhythm and generally playing songs at parties and stuff and I never use it for solos only the odd fill or intro riff. On my acoustic I use 12's and because I'm constantly switching from electirc to acoustic I struggle adjusting to the 12 guage strings. I tried 11's and they a breeze to play but my guitar loses a bit of character and volume.

So do I continue with the 12's which sound great for chords or just go with the 11's and ease of playing? At the moment I change both sets once a month and I yoyo between 11's and 12's on the acoustic as I can't decide?
go with the 11's. you can experiment with different brands till you find a sound you like, but playing the guitar sucks when you're struggling. hell, i use 10's on some of my guitars. may not sound quite as good, but i play a lot more and a lot better on them.