I have a Marshall Shredmaster which is now surplus to requirements. It is a great pedal with incredible clarity and punch, but it is currently going unused and deserves a good home.

It looks like this (though this isn't it, as I don't have a camera)

It is in great condition and full working order, with the battery back plate still intact. The input jack recently came loose, but was resoldered and now is alot stronger and more robust. The same was done to the output jack, even though it hadn't become disconnected. So the whole thing is as sturdy as a house. Comes with original box too.

I love this thing, and I'll be sad to see it go, but I just don't know if I'll ever use it again. My amps overdrive can't be beaten, and when I do want to dirty the tone, I'm more of a RAT man myself.

I paid £160 for it on Ebay 3 years ago, so I'd be looking for £140 ($225ish!). Willing to ship worldwide.

Email me if interested as I won't be able to get on here much: moshforjesus@hotmail.co.uk.