so yeah i play a homemade guitar with a really high action, a fully scalloped neck, a heavy cedar body and the cheapest electronics you could imagine, the bridge belongs to a strat copy i had, im pretty good at playing on that piece of junk and now i want a good guitar, plz recommend me some that is good for shredding, sweeping and whatnot
sth from Ibanez's RG series, the neck is lighting fast. And there are many FR trem models.
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How much money are you looking to spend?
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If you want something to shred and sweep on, I would say go for a Ibanez
Thin necks and low action is great for playing fast
Quote by Gods_Gift

Thin necks and low action is great for playing fast
If that matches the size of your hands. If your hands are bigger, a thin neck and low action will cramp your hands and make you play very sloppily (if you're even able to play at all).

Plenty of people shred on thick necks with very cruved fretboards, low fretwire and moderately high action. What is ''fast'' or ''slow'' is entirely subjective to your hands and your precise playing style. It's not posisble for someone else to tell you what will be easiest for you to play on; the only way you will ever know is to go to a lot of guitar stores and play as many different guitars as possible. Eventually you'll find the neck that is right for you.
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If the action on your current guitar is 1cm....10mm at the 12th fret......just about anything short of a bow and arrow set would be an improvement.

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Ibanez S5470 Prestige, the action is ridiculously low, jumbo frets require little pressure and it sounds great!