Format for Judging:

Creativity / Uniqueness:
How much personality you feel coming from the writer to make a non generic song of Posthardcore and how far he went into being creative while, again, still retaining that PHC sound.
10 Points Total

Quality of the Composition:
How well the composer used music theory (Not to say you need to know music theory to write) Meaning... That the song wasnt pure dissonance accidently. Everything served a purpose and flowed well. Was it catchy, melodically and strong rhythmically, etc.

10 points Total

Genre Accuracy:
Is it able to be considered Posthardcore?
Does it meet all the requirements?

5 Points Total.

Scores Should be out of 25.
I expect juding to be done by all by August 14th.
I think that is fair.
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Rumpy's 'The Blender"

-I like the intro. It is really nice ideas but I feel like it all repeats too much.
-The Preverse is SOOOOOOOO Good in my opinion. I dunno. I know it is really simple but it just hit me as old DGD. I fell in love. I dont like the dissonant bits that much.
-I love the verse for track 1.
-Something that started bothering me by verse one. I dug that drum beat but you dont change it in anyway ):.
-Love the chorus. Not very typical posthardcore. Its good stuff makes me think of coheed like posthardcore with a really interesting style of lead over it.
-Love the idea you have for the break.
-Learn some more jazz theory. You could rape with the jazzy ideas you use.
-Wasnt a fan of verse II after bar 80.
-Dont get me wrong i love dissoannce i just don't feel like you use it naturally enough.
-Chorus II was a jem. :] made me smile.
-Interlude was good use of disonance for me. I dug it. all the way til bridge it was really sweet. Im not sure how 100% PHC all of it was but it was pretty neat regardless.
-Bridge into chorus is what i needed to be satisfied by this songs structure. But my ears wanted a more powerful and sudden ending. Regardless overall Good job.

Creativity/Uniqueness: It wasnt generic cept that you let some things repeat over and over again without change. I enjoyed your bassline at parts. at least you didnt 100% follow root notes. The intentional dissonance could of been used better but it was creative. the chorus i think was the most unique part. Nice job here.

Quality of the Composition: The clean parts were gorgeous. I think the structure wasnt that bad. It could of been improved. I felt the a lot repeated too much. Nothing took me for a pleasant surprise after like bar 80 haha. The use off theory is noted. You did seem to try. But you tried a tad hard to be jazzy / offkey which in the end may of hurt you more than it helped. Absolutely terrific effort though. I think if you woulda kept working on the piece til the deadline it'd be so much better.

Genre: Its like clean parts from DGD mixed with old olddddd PHC. Some parts were a little off genre but not too much.

Total: ***17/25***


Joe's Entry

-Intro was simple. but a good intro to what the rhythm was going to be. I suspect it'd be powerful live.
-Quite early on and I am enjoying the drums a decent bit.
-Verse disapoints me. You need better chords. Seriously. This song deserves more powerful chords. The progression is fairly decent but the chords you use are very weak right now.
-Once the lead kicked in it started kicking ass for me. The tension built up right before the chorus near perfectly went into it.
-Your second verse was great. A little less PHC but enough to be fit.
-next Chorus was great. Loved your octaves.
-Break was nice. Not too generic off a breakdown. Love the bass guitar at the clean part. :]]]]
-The final bar of your break was GREAT. Just saying.
-Outro was good but could of used some kinda of epic lead or been more epic in progression. I think it might of been one of the weakest points in the song.

Creativity/Uniqueness: This had a different tinge of PHC I never hear often enough with people on this forum. You could of tried harder with your rhythm tracks. but your leads were great. the break was probably one of the best parts of the song for me. The outro needs to be improved.

Quality of the Composition: Everything flowed pretty well. the song is well put together melodically. Rhythmically it was a basic yet good feel. The only thing that bothered me was your first verse and your outro. The progression is good but there isnt enough to make it epic as my ears wanted ):...

Genre: This was pretty dead on genre. Some tinge of metalcorey parts were there but it didnt stray from genre more than that. And mixing a bit of genres isnt a sin.

Total: ***19/25***


Jesse's Trading Skin and Bones

-Intro was magnificent. This is gona be a closure-esque song i bet. I love how I can tell.
-Your leads are great but you know whats really getting me? Your rhythm track. It is beautiful.
-Im assuming bar 11-17 and all the things that repeat that idea are the chorus? Correct me if im wrong. It feels chorusy to me. I love it.
-Great use of effects in a midi file :]. They made me think of TMV a good bit.
-I love the breaks at 42-45
-Bar 46 is neat. It really has a good feel.
-Ahh more effects into the chorus ;].
-Dude.. bar 68-85 was the most perfect emulation of TMV i've ever seen. Kudos. ****ing Kudos.
-The outro was my least favourite part and I loved it. lol what does that tell you?

Creativity/Uniqueness: This had a very unique feel to it. I mean yes it was essentially just a heavily influenced song by Closure but regardless of that it was a unique song.

Quality of the Composition: Everything flowed with near perfection. The only thing i wished to hear that I didnt was a jazzy clean part of some sort but oh well. This was....... :].

Genre: This was pretty accurate to the genre. Just a more progressive feel. I will deduct a point only because I do consider closure and mars volta to be more posthardcore than many people do but I wish to be fair in judging and if this song wasnt so damn good I would of deducted here anyways.

Total: ***23/25***

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Btw, can we extend the judging by one day, por favor? I have to go to Hooters and drinking tomorrow for my buddies 24th.
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Well, we have one completed judgment, so it's not all that bad.

Just wish people would have taken the judging more seriously -.-
Just like last time. You folks are hilarious. Queue competition organizer leaving because of "unacceptable lack of judging in two weeks" now? Oh wait... :p
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Honestly I wish the so called judges would have not signed up as judges, since I would have done it instead of spend my time trying to write a piece...

Thanks inu for doing your part in the judging, that's very well appreciated...

As for uneasyhearts... a word to the wise, if you organize a competition and volunteer to judge as well, try to set a proper example of following your own guidelines and deadlines.