My amp stopped working today. I played for a few minutes, it was fine. Turned it off, tried playing an hour later and all I heard was buzzing, it wouldn't amplify the guitar at all. Sometimes I think I hear it extremely faintly. All the lights were on, just no sound. I've tried several cables and switching the pickup selector. I also tried tightening the nut where you plug the cable into the guitar and removing all of my pedals from the chain. I don't have another guitar to test to see if it's the guitar or the amp.

The amp is a Vox Valvetronix 15W. The guitar is an Ibanez Artcore AS73. Both were purchased in June from guitar center. The guitar has a warranty, the amp doesn't.

I called GC and they said it may be a fried pickup, but I doubt this, as I tried both the neck and the bridge pickups and got the same result. What does it sound like? Blown tube? Can I fix it myself? Can I get Vox to fix it or GC to repair it even without a warranty?
Ibanez Artcore AS73
Vox Valvetronix 15w
I'm thinking the input jack of the amp, or a fuse.
Dont know much about the amp you have, but these could be possibilities.
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You should try to get a friend over so you can try his guitar through the amp or something. You should also take the jack plate off your guitar and check the solder connections underneath, as those will break sometimes. If one of the wires is no longer attatched you can just take it into a guitar store and have them fix it for a couple bucks. (Or if you know how to solder you can just do it yourself.) If the solders are still good it might be the amp with the problem.
Haha, more proof that Guitar Center employees are idiots. A fried pickup? Seriously?

Anyway... It's hard to tell since you only have one guitar. You should try to try another guitar with it if/when you can.

A quick thing to try would be to unscrew the input jack and see if the wires are still connected to the jack. This is a common problem that can be fixed in about a minute with a soldering iron.
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Quote by Offworld92
Haha, more proof that Guitar Center employees are idiots. A fried pickup? Seriously?

they just do that for your money man
Got any friends who might help you out? I wouldn't go blaming on either before the case was solid.

First thing that comes to my mind is guitar volume but that's just retarded!

If you happen to have a 6,3mm to 3,5mm adapter, you can plug your guitar to your PC input jack. Then just download software like APtuner and set it up so that it takes its signal from the Line In. Then you can see whether the guitar works or not. If it's the guitar failing then open it up and see if the soldering's all OK (pretty much no loose ends there should be)

Or take your gear to local shop or GC and see what you can find out. Should be easy to see which one doesn't work.

As for the warranty, you won't get your repair free of charge. Unless it's like a month or so since the amp's warranty ran out. Then you might get a free go because it's almost like in the warranty period.
I would say the input jack too. That happend to my when I first started playing. I had to turn my little 10 or 15 watt amp all the way up to hear. Loose wire was all.
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Hmmm... I had this happen to my guitar once. I unscrewed the input jack plate, and a wire was loose. A soldering iron did the trick. Sometimes amps and cables can be tricky. If you have a converter, which converts a 3.5 mm jack into a guitar sized one, plug the 3.5 mm end into your computer, and the other end into your amp. Then play a song or something and see what happens. If it works, it's your guitar which has an issue. Pray its the guitar, so you can get a replacment.