hey guys, I can't seem to find the video now, but how do I acheive this and whats it called?.

basically you do loads of hammer ons and pull offs on the G strings whilst scrapping your side of the palm on the strings? I can't seem to do it, but it makes a funny ringing sound.

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You have to use the side of your hand, but very gently, it's like a tapped harmonic after the frets, very gentle, do it slower and practise on one spot only, after you got the hang of it try moving the hand.
i think you're referring to a trick using harmonics, it works on every string, and what you do is tap with your left hand while very gently touching the string with you're right, you then move your right hand back and forth to draw out the harp harmonics over the pick-up, they change position a little with each note. The key really, is touching it light enough to only pull out harmonics and not mute the string, you also have to find the harmonics, much like pinch harmonics
basically what`s been said above, Joe uses it at the start of Chickenfoots Avenieda Revolution, it`s not that hard to do.