I looked around and couldn't believe there was no thread for this band.
So who likes them? Favourite song? Fav album?

If you don't know who they are, they are a band from Isreal who compose mainly electronic music. It's usually considered that they fall in the genre of Psy-trance or Goa trance, but they combine loads of different genres into their music. Alot of heavy guitars, classical themes, some disco and more that I can't think of lol.

Here's a song or two to get you started.

Sa'eed: Amazing ending in the 2nd half of the song.

Artillery: Rock mixed with rap vocals and electronic drumbeats.

Dancing with Kadafi: A nice chilled out song with acoustic guitars and a hint of disco near the end!

Check them out. Newcomers should try Dancing with Kadafi first.

Edit: Oh yea, if there's quite alot of interest I might make an Infected mushoom group.

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Yeah, excellent group! Saw them live about 2 months ago!
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Damn, lucky! I got invited to see them a few months ago but couldn't go. Hopefully they will come to my town one day.

I thought the last two albums were pretty lame. Everything before them was amazing though, simply superb stuff. Classical Mushroom will always be my favorite.
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They are amazing! I saw them at Electric Daisy Carnival this summer, and it was amazing. Classical Mushroom is my favorite album. Some of my favorite songs are Mus Breaks (Remix), Cities of the Future, Bust a Move, None of This is Real, The Missed Symphony, Suliman, Becoming Insane, Dancing with Kadalfi, and Franks. Truly everything (except Artillery) by Infected is great.
fave album - the Gathering (my most fave in all psy/goa trance)
fave songs - avratz, most of "the gathering", vicious delicious, before, where is s, none of this is real, devil (final mix) heavyweight, dancing with kadafi, and so on...
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