Hey guys,

So, with the purchase of my Tweaker I have noticed I am not using my EQ as much in my loop -- admittedly, I was never good at balancing the onboard EQ with my Graphic EQ pedal (Boss GE-7) so that may be some of it.

My question is, I would love to shape my Little Big Muff a bit more. I have an Overdrive, the LBM, and the EQ I would use for that.

I am not 100% sure if the Overdrive should be before the Muff or after to tighten it up (I would assume before, but I have read others putting overdrives after). Could I get some insight? Then I assume I would place my EQ between the 2 or after the 2nd pedal.

Hope this makes sense -- and thanks UG!
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Just play around with it. There aren't any rules. If you aren't using your eq as much take out entirely. A good amp will make you want to simplify. If it sounds good already don't worry about it.

Try this though.

Overdrive to boost your signal
into the EQ to shape the overdriven signal into
the BIG MUFF so the muff is creating a fuzz out of a shaped overdriven signal.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
ive found that when boosting a signal (like for a lead boost or shaping a lead tone) EQ after another distortion pedal works fine, but when both are on it will be FAR louder than your amps other channels. for example, dist. into EQ would be volume 10 and switching back to my amps drive channel would be like volume 6.

i put the EQ before the distortion and the problem was fixed.
I've just recently experimented with my setup, since I just picked up an MXR 10-band.

My best results was placing the MXR in the effects loop of my amp by itself, with my X3 Live going into the clean channel input of the amp. But the X3 direct to input rather than in the effects loop is just personal preference, as it's much brighter for the metal tones I like, and might just be a quirk of digital amp modeling systems like this.

I set the bass to 0, mid to about 4-6 and treble to 0 on the amp EQ (Valveking 100). I can use the mid's at that point to brighten it up or down with the EQ on the amp set like that. If I add any bass or treble it's just way too much added (from the amp) and seems to defeat some of the shaping the MXR is doing.