Hey UG,
Since I know there is quite a few John Lee Hooker fans arond the blues section of UG, I guess that this is the right place to ask.

I am a big fan of old John and was pretty happy when I recently found a 10 cd box set with John Lee Hooker in my dad's car when I was driving it. That he hadn't told me about this made me of course slightly disgruntled at first. Then I was overhelmed by the sheer amount of material. It would take a while to go through 8-9 hours of music.

So I turn to you. Do anyone know some nice rare recordings or just great songs that doesn't normally turn up on the best of CDs that I should look into first? You name them and I will cross my fingers and hope they are in box set, so I can get som nice fresh tunes for my iPod.

I will get through all ten cds at some point but it would be nice with some pointers.

Tupelo is one of his best songs, one of my favourite dark blues songs ever.

He has this great song called 'i'm gonna kill that woman' too, see if you can find that. Nick Cave famously did a cover of that on one of his albums actually.

'Hittin the bottle again' is really good, as is 'drifting blues'
I really like "Dimples".
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his song I'm Bad Like Jesse James is so bad ass it's not fair
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