Hi does anyone know of any websites that sell music clothes, you know like Fender t-shirts or Marshall socks or whatever? (Yeah I know that last one isn't going to happen) I'm in the U.K. if that helps. Cheers.
I want to help you I really do, but I just get over that ****ing awful spelling in the title. I'm not even going to read the OP because I'm scared there will be more stuff like that. 'msuci' really?

edit: Okay you acknowledge it. I have no read your post, and once again wish I could help, but I don't know of any websites like that. Sorry bro
You can find Fender shirts fkn everywhere dude. You hardly even need to put forth any effort.


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Must have just spazzed out on the keyboard without reading it.
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Here ya go: http://www.rockabilia.com/home.php

edit: I don't know if they sell fender shirts or not though

Love rockibila, though they only sell band stuff.

For company names check out the said companys merchandise section on thier sites. Or try

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