Hey everyone....just getting close to finishing my first album using my new software/hardware...so this is a big step in quality for me. I will be featuring this cover on the album, and since its the first I'll be finishing I figured I'd post my pre-master version here and see where it stands. Hope you guys like it...and please let me know the good and bads!! I don't expect perfection being my first real attempt at mix/mastering...but you gotta start somewhere.


*The song is also listed in my profile!
I love the guitar tone. Actually, I love this whole cover. Are the vocals yours? If so, very impressive, though they could definitely stand to be turned up . The solo was very clean, and the harmonies pop out just right.

To be honest, my only real complaint is about the drums. I'm assuming they're VSTi, though I can't tell the program. The snare and bass drums sound alright, but the crash just sounds a little off for the song. If you EQ'd it to cut out some of the highs, it would be fine. Right now, it sounds like the sample is from a drum machine rather than an actual kit.

It quite refreshing to hear a fully produced cover after sifting through so many webcam videos.



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first of all thanks very much for the listen and feedback!! It's funny your biggest critique was with the cymbals as that was going to be the first thing i was going to mess with today when i master...i definitely agree that they're too..."tingy"??...and seperated. So i'm glad you pointed that out so its not just me. And yes the vocals were done by me...actualyl everything except the bass guitar was done by me. I'll have to see how they sit when all is said and done. Well...again thanks for the listen! I'll swing by and listen to your track now
Friggin awesome dude. The vocals were.. well, they were darker than Anders' vocal, but they were still awesome. Other than that, it was just awesome. The only thing is the crash cymbals being to... sharp? I dunno how to say it, but they could've sounded better. All in all an awesome song, win!


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Thanks Kergash and JDL! I'm recording with Pro Tools M-Powered along with a Profire 610 firewire interface....also ozone 4 for mastering
Firstly, great production! Sounds so good through my headphones and cpu speakers (and if they sound good through there, they sound good through anything!).

Guitar tones great, love the harmonies you get on the build up to the chorus. Is that you singing as well? Because that's pretty awesome!
I would personally put a tiny bit of reverb on the vocals, but that's just how I do it to all my recordings.

I think the drums are perfect really, no problems in my opinion - sound great, and are they real??

Wait, i just read some of your original post - this is your first real attempt of mixing and mastering!!?!?!? AMAZING

Keep it up!

Sounds great! Did you do the vocals yourself too? The next best thing to anders I've heard so fair play!!
Much appreciated fellas! False God - Those are my vocals as well...something semi new to me and constantly trying to improve upon....so thats awesome you liked them!