Can anyone recomend a good 5 stringer for under $300? Thanks and id rather go used.

Edit: Id be using this bass for metal.
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Where are you, what are prices like near you, what tone are you after etc
Ibanez GSR105. I have one. They play really well.
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Ibanez GSR205. That is assuming you live in the US, I have no idea how much they cost elsewhere in the world. The Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass 5 might be worth looking at too, it costs just a hair more then $300.

EDIT: you could probably find a used Ibanez SR 5-er for $300 or less. Ibanez will probably be your best bet, the SR's come in 5 string versions every $100 increment or so, and sell used for very reasonable prices.
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Ive seen a couple spector legends for under $300
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