Any ideas/mods for a CP MIM Jazzmaster?

I've heard of dropping a cap in one of the lead pots, bringing "clarity" to it's tone.
Depends what kind of sounds you want to get from it, since Jazzmasters seem to get used for all sorts of vastly different genres.

The stock pickups in the MIM ones are a hybrid (in size/dimensions) between Strat-size and MIA Jazzmaster-size pickups, so if you want a slightly more 'authentic' Jazzmaster sound, switch the pickups out for some new ones (Seymour Duncan do a fairly decent range of JM pickups).

Apart from that, on mine i've just put on strap locks, locking tuners, a Duncan 'Antiquity II' neck pickup in (kept the bridge one stock - despite being a bit beefier than it "should" be for a JM, it's good as it is), and a couple other bits, which is good enough for me. Also worth noting: if you want to change the pickguard, expect to have to mod that a bit, and drill some new holes in the guitar, since not all the screw holes match up.

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I've heard of dropping a cap in one of the lead pots, bringing "clarity" to it's tone.
I'd say the guitar's bright enough as it is. Normal singlecoils get 250k pots. JMs have 1meg ones!
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well I play indie/alternative, wilco and radiohead etc.
Are their any bridge mods for this particular model?
Well on the MIM ones, the tremelo got moved closer to the bridge (and the bridge itself is switched to a tune-o-matic), which seems to solve 95% of most problems associated with the bridge on the old ones, so there's no real need to mod the bridge any further.

edit: oh actually, just remembered. Since the tremelo arm is really close to the body and barely gives you much room to move it down, i've bent mine outwards a bit, allowing easier use.
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I noticed that the low e intonation screw doesn't stay put, seems to ease its way out! any fixes for that?
Haven't heard about that one happening Well, all the intonation screws on mine are kind of loose in that they're really easy to turn even with a fingernail, but they're tight enough to stay put on their own, and they're too out of the way to get moved otherwise.

Dunno :\
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Check this out:


And there's a bunch of other general setup tips on there for Jazzmasters/Jaguars.

If you don't trust yourself enough to do anything major, i'd reccomend letting a luthier give it a setup - when I got mine, it needed it. Most notes (and any bends) past the 15th fret just buzzed or didn't sound at all. The truss rod needed adjusting and the frets needed levelling, and I don't trust myself to do those. Plays a lot better now.
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Thanks for the help!

I'm definitely capable of adjusting the truss rod, I don't know about leveling the frets though.