Hi, Im not sure if this is the right thread but Im gonna ask anyway. I am using a peavey vypyr 30W and an Ibanez RG321mh. Ive been miserably trying to achieve the awesome clean tone from One - Metallica. Since im using a Vypyr I cant expect to get the exact tone, but theres definitely enough options on it to get a close tone. The closest Ive gotten to the tone is by using the marshall Plexi model, low bass, medium low mids, and high treble(i think). Ive also gotten something similar using light flanger effect. But I have failed to et the awesome industrial and snappy sound.

So if someone can just point out(if they know) the level of bass, mids, and trble I should use, it would be really helpful. And if you know about the Vypyr 30 can you point out the best models and effects.

Also, I am broke and there is no way I can afford a mesa boogie or any other tube amp...


*also Ive tried the vypyr threads and that geronigroove massive vypyr bank forum, but havent found anything good the or on any other non-vypyr related forum... this was my last resort
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just use any clean that sounds good with some reverb

and i dont think settings threads are allowed
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Use chorus instead of flanger, and just keep messing with it.

Also use new strings.
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