So I got my ProFire 2626 and wow, the sound is far better than I imagined. I quickly realized I did not want anything to do with Ableton Live though so I'm sticking with Reaper. And now I want to pickup either the KRK Rokit 6 or 8s, because of them being on sale at Guitar Center. I might as well get the 8's right? And is there anything not good about them? And also will they plug into the back of the ProFire? Because I do not have a sound card yet. And when I get one will I want to plug them into that instead? Thanks, sorry so many questions.
The 8s will have a lower extension of their bass response. However, unless your room is acoustically treated with bass traps and such the bass response will be largely affected by room modes making large peaks and nulls.

Not to say don't buy them, but you could always buy the 6s and get a sub later when you can afford to treat the room properly? Just an idea. Other people may have different suggestions.

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get the 8's. it wont take long to get used to what your room does to the bass and you'll be able to mix accordingly. and with that argument, keep in mind that the room effects how you hear every frequency, not just the bass. early reflections are going to be your biggest enemy in an untreated room even before all the bass issues, and you'll have those with any size speaker.
that bass will be in your song whether you hear it or not, so you might as well be able to hear it.
plus, if you position them right in your room, you can make the room coloration much less of an issue.
If I remember right, all the Rokit's are meant to stay at a bottom range of around 50hz to be optimal with a sub. The 8's will go a little lower and push a little more than the 6's, but not by too much.
For the rokit's, using a TRS cable will be quieter than an XLR. I don't think there's any change in quality, just the volume, at least that's how it is on my Rockit 5's. If your interface doesn't have an XLR out, you can just get a TRS->XLR cable. They do not come with speaker cables in the box, you'll need to buy them separately. But I'm sure you can talk a sales associate into throwing in 2 6 foot cables for free, I was able to with my 5's.
XLR or TRS, both are balanced connections and should act the same, but XLR is more sturdy.

As for cables, most monitors don't come with any unless stated otherwise on the website or store tag.
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XLR or TRS, both are balanced connections and should act the same, but XLR is more sturdy.

You'd think so, but there's a clear difference in volume with my Rokit's.
Okay I got the 8s. But when I turn them up louder there is a slight hiss behind the music as with all speakers. Is this still normal with these? And are the outputs on the ProFire supposed to be a bitch? They don't plug right in. They get stuck then you press a little harder and they go in.
The hiss is probably your interface. I wouldn't push any volume knobs on the interface (there's usually 2, gain and volume, or volume and mix, or something) past 90%, at that point, you can hear the hiss of the interface coming out. It's happened on every interface I've worked with (and I've never worked with anything pro-level, which would probably not hiss, but that's not the deal here).
There's two headphone jacks with their own volume and a Master Volume Knob. I'm not sure it controls the Outputs though.

EDIT: Okay it does control the outputs. But still having trouble eliminating hiss. So what should I have the computer volume, monitor volume, and master volume on the interface set at?
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The 6's have plenty of bass IMO. I think maybe even a bit too much for the size. I was deciding between these and HSM-50s.

I went with the Yamahas, I found the KRK's sounded kinda like Hi-Fi / PC speakers to me.