im looking for somewhere that has one piece body blanks for a good price. im gonna get mahogany, so obviously it wont be that cheap, but id like to try and spend as little as possible while still getting quality. if anyones knows of a website or a store where i can get that, thatd be sweet
indeed stewmac and warmoth are good places if you dont have any places local
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ya i checked warmoth and there expensive as hell, and stewmac isnt much better.

if i get it from say a local wood yard or watever, what r the dimensions i should ask for?
Depends. What body shape? Do you need any extra wood for a neck or something? If, for example, you want to build a strat, either measure one and add a bit on each side as spare or look online for blueprints or something, and those will have the size. Most body blanks are around 2" thick i believe, so ask for this thickness.
Too easy. But definitely check locally. Within 100 miles or so in gas for a good plank of wood will probably be less than shipping for just a body blank.
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im doing somewhat of a mockingbird shape. any idea where i could find some blueprints online? if i get it from a lumberyard, do i just buy a piece the size i want? like it doesnt need any finishing or treating or anything special
whatever body blank you get will invariably require finishing, from a wood stain to seal the grains, before putting on a clear coat laquer (if you wanted a wood grain finish).
but none of that needs to be done at the time of purchase? it can all be done after ive cut it and im ready for finishing?
Ahh yes, thats quite correct. You can do all that yourself, you'd just buy the bare wood at the lumberyard.