Is it possible that anyone has the CD on their computer and can email it to me? Ive tried looking for torrents and none of them are seeded well.
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I quote myself.
Pirates are cool. Was that supposed to be an insult?

I wish I was a pirate. Maybe I'll move to Somalia.
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Is fingering an emo chick that likes yoy and that has fallen in love with you is it wrong to you to finger her during lunch outside in front of everyone at the high school? would you not care or lol even wish it was you?

MIDI Magicalness!
Especially for rare recordings.

I didn't use Soulseek for a little while, but there's this OpenDNS garbage in the way now, so I can't. Actually there's probably a way to use a proxy with it, but I didn't bother at the time.
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