So I went to guitar center today with no intentions of purchasing anything, but then I saw a used bogner alchemist for sale. I tried it out and was immediately sold. This thing just sounds incredible. The amount of sustain and versatility is just amazing and the tone is great.

Other guitar-related purchases I have made before have either left me dissappointed or just content, but this time I am in love. I have only had it turned down low on the 20w setting and it still sounds awesome. The best part is that it was only $600! It looks brand new as well, includes the footswitch and everything. I can't stop playing it, what an awesome amp and value
pics or its a MG
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I didn't quite like the one I tried too much. Needed alot of tweaking on the knobs. Sounded real dark, and had huge low end and not much treble. The built-in effects weren't too bad, though.

Also, you need to post up pictures or a video or this thread will get closed...
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HNAD I liked that amp when I played it.
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I have mixed feelings about that one. They sound great when dialed in in my experience but they can be ridiculously hard to dial in.
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I have mixed feelings about that one. They sound great when dialed in in my experience but they can be ridiculously hard to dial in.

Thats what I keep hearing, but I have had no problems at all with that. I just plugged it in and immediately sounded great, no matter what I do, which switches I push it sounds amazing. If this means anything, the best amps I had/played extensively before are Marshall JCM600, Peavey Classics, Peavey XXX, Mesa Bullet and Triple Rec. I prefer this one by far to all of them.

To me it seems like the best uses for it are brown sound and metallica but it can do anything just great
HNAD dude, from what I have heard those are pretty nice. Definitely gives Line 6 a better rep than their Spider series. Plus, you won't catch too much hell when you gig with it lol. Good buy man, enjoy!
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