i have this yamaha APX-6NA electric-classical guitar with nylon strings. i want to make it a steel string electric-acoustic by changing the strings. is that possible or is that ok? would it harm the guitar? any help appreciated.
It would most probably break the neck. . .
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it would probably harm the guitar. nylon string guitars are braced for the much lower tension of nylon strings. even light steel strings pull much harder, so the extra tension pulling on the top will pull the neck forward or off, at the very least causing the need for a neck reset, and also it can damage the top of the guitar, and also possibly cause the braces to detach.

if you just can't help yourself, i'd suggest getting extra light strings - they're still higher tension than nylon, but much lower tension than a set of lights, so your guitar will last a little longer.
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I myself am not certain, however I will point out to anybody else who thinks they have an answer that this guitar DOES have a truss rod.

If it is possible it would need truss rod adjustments made as the steel strings will put a lot more tension on the neck.
thanks for the replies, i'm not doing it. i dont wanna harm this beauty.
Since you install strings right through the bridge on a nylon string and not locking it onto the top with bridge pins like in the case of most steel string guitars, the higher tension steel strings can pull the whole bridge off your guitar.
Like the others said, that is not a good idea. The added tension of the steel strings would probably warp the neck, or even pull the bridge off the body. The higher tension would just destroy it.