I've got a Peavey Classic 30, A Fender FSR (only thing that's FSR about it is the color on it, it's like all black...i'll post pictures if anyone actually cares) Strat so that's my gear.

I love my amp and I love my strat, but the distortion just doesn't go all the way, it just reaches the height of overdrive, without going into distortion. I'm looking for a pedal that can do it all, lightly overdriven (if need be that is not necessarily a necessity), to a pure rock distortion, to an even heavy metal sound. Now here's the kicker...

It needs to be under 50 bucks. I'm not sure if thats actually a lot more difficult or...anyway, that's the deal, what say my fellow gear heads?
$50 isn't much.
Try a Boss DS-1, they usually run about $40 and that kinda sounds like what you're looking for, but it isn't going to give you a metal tone.
Digitech makes a few overdrive/distortion pedals that all run under $50, but I haven't heard many good things about them. Its worth looking at them though, they might have something a little heavier than a DS-1.
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Is it a fat strat? Aka does it have a humbucker? IMO, singles coils are terrible for metal.

Edit: Lol, not the bad monkey. It does light overdrive. while it is my favorite cheap overdrive, it won't do anything more than aerosmith.
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It is not a fat strat it is all single coil. I know that strats are definitely not good when it comes to metal, but I mean for the possibility of having the option in case I do end up getting a different guitar in the near future if ever. Also I have heard the bad monkey is actually pretty damn good, but im not sure if it can take metal.
look for a used Ibanez TS9, been seeing them in the $50 a lot on craigslist lately
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boss ds1 or digitech bad monkey both are very cheap and get a great tone i have one of each on my pedal board