I had a pretty interesting discussion the other day with a friend about modern progressive metal groups and what genre to put them in, specifically Protest the Hero and The Human Abstract.

It seems after a certain time period a new genre name comes up for that artist and similar ones and that becomes how we conventionally refer to them. He argued that In Flames used to be considered progressive when they came out but are now considered to be melodic metal or melodic death metal which i think is a reasonable example since at the time they were a pretty unique thing.

I thought it was kind of an interesting topic since its almost impossible to claim to be a prog metal band forever since at some point in time it is no longer progressive music (usually to be exact).

What do you guys think PTH or similar groups will be classified as (i usually hear mathcore and metalcore right now) but neither of those seem too accurate to me personally. Any thoughts on the topic guys?
As long as they invent themselves new again and again it will be prog, I guess.
Its like the 'pop-biz'. what lady gaga does in clothing, they should do musically.
Bands that are heading to be prog should always be fresh and never create a pattern that remind us on old stuff/ or let you sound repetitive.
Ironically that makes them recognizable, what is probaly the reason they start to stuck at some point.

I think that PTH is on a good way to stay prog. A friend of mine says he doesnt like fortress, while I think that they sound unique and awesome now.

But the main problem is that there's no standard/norm of progression. It is always a relative factor of a band related to their sub-genre standard and seldom to the whole music progession.
And it is even more reasonable to try prog steps in subgenre context, coz we will never convince all people of being the most progressiv music. But you cam fresh some deathmetal, Blackmetalheads up.

There is a lot of so called 'Avantgarde' but there's no Mankind awareness for progression status;
only your own exprience with music. And some will say PTH is far from prog-music. But indeed it is prog metalcore/mathcore.

The people call it prog, until they see the single influences.
THey are indeed mathlike or technical. They are a bit emo, screamo etc. But they are still recognizable.
THey write good songs and of all that prog mc bands I can best listen to them.
Hey listen to Ultrageist. That's wierd, too.

I think that The Human Abstract have lost some of their virtuosity. They start to bore me, coz I never were such a fan of the vocalist. HE did a great job for the Nocturne Album, but now they get pussy. I love the Contrast in the first album of 'Brutal Fine Phrased Sweeping' to these
gentle Vocal Parts, but now they are like this Guy and some pussy Guitarists now.
I hope they come back with fury again; dont care if they are prog for anyone.
I loved their true Mcore Neoclassic Virtuosity and that they should do that.
Unfourtnately they dont see, that this the reason fans love it. I guess its such a guitarist band.
All wanna have the tabs, nobody wants this guy to sing more and more.

... The Inflames Thing is that indeed they were prog to times. They started melo death in someway and did the modern metal to emerge. But they drown now in 1000th of such bands. hyper virtuose youth sweeping as easy as daily 'shitting' and all that modern stuff. free of category. I hate modern metal. Coz it is like the Modernism. Now one knows where it starts or ends. And so we have the 'post' ZEITGEIST. Post BLACK/ DEATH/ METAL ...

1.As said above look at it in relation to your own or your friends knowledge.

2.If there is a deadlocked genre then it will be easy to become prog.
(Put uncommon thing inside, and fill a deficit)

3.To stay prog deny the borders and pattern it tries to fix.
(Thats means often to loose narrow-minded fans)