I'd appreciate it if some of the more experienced people in R&R would give this a listen and tell me what they think of the mix. and if there are any ways to make this sound a bit more "airy"

edit: feel free to drop a line or two on youtube =]
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I'm listening right now. Overall it sounds VERY good dude. I would make the guitars a little more prominent, but considering the style it could pass.

Great mix brother. 5/5
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Sounds pretty good dude. Nice work.
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Holy crap, check this out!
The kick has WAY too much bass.

Just decrease the low-end for the drums, and slightly raise the bass on everything else, then it will be great.
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I see what you mean, it's pleasing to listen to but there's not much of a sense of space.

I don't know much about this whole thing, but I'd suggest adding a bit more presence to the guitars, maybe some very subtle reverb, and maybe try recording four guitar tracks with less distortion, rather than two with a lot of it. You'll get just as much thickness, but with less excess fuzz.

EDIT: And something weird is going on with the drums. I don't know if it's the sampler, or maybe you're compressing the shit out of them, but if it's the latter I'd suggest doing it a bit less.
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i would make the kick a bit punchier and less rumbly. that and maybe work on the balance between the bass and guitars some. maybe even tighten up the bass track a bit too.

sounds good though man. well done.
overall it sounds pretty good, I agree with the advice others have given, but I would also say make the bass a little tighter because at the parts where it chugs it gets a little farty sounding.
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thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it =]

Now for the low rumbles, You mean the bass guitar, or the kick?
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