Hi Im thinking painting a cool design on my pickguard without it scrapping off a year later. This happened to a friend, how do I do it properly?

If I can pull it off it will give me the oppertunity to undergo a successful point and laugh procedure directed at him to his dissapointment.

All advice will be muchly appreciated verily.
Do your painting design as usual, then cover it in clear gloss or some other sealant.
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Spray your PG plastic with a Paint for Plastic Acrylic Lacquer Primer: Rustoleum, Krylon, etc. Spray a Colorcoat Acrylic lacquer on top if the Primer color isn't a suitable background. Use Acrylic Paint Pen to draw your design. Spray Acrylic Lacquer Clearcoat on top.

The Paint for Plastic Primer will form a molecular bond with the PG's plastic. The colorcoat, paint pen, and clearcoat will bond with the Primer, etc.

I have a PG done this way in 2006: no scrapes, scratches, peeling, etc.

I'd have to agree with everyone else,

I painted a guitar with that white paint they use on sports fields for the lines, but I covered it in about 20 million layers of clear coat, and it's just fine.

Just remember:



Spraying it on heavy will result in chipping over time, or worse. Take your time.
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I painted one of my Les Paul pickguards a while back, and its in great shape. What I always do when I paint plastic is use a adhesion Promoter, Like Bulldog brand. That makes the paint adhere to the plastic better.
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i just used LOTS AND LOTS OF LACQUER!!! lol really i put on like 10 coats. and not a scratch on it after 2 years.
My friend said he would give me some paint thats left over from him customizing his bass how many layers is like the minimum?
Another method you might think about is "back painting" a clear plex pickguard. Putting the painted design on the back of a clear pickguard protects the artwork from being scratched. No clear needed over the art.