Evenin' kids...

As the title states, I'll be auditioning for my desired college's music department middle of next year (gonna be a sr in highschool this year) and would like some song recomendations, blues, jazz, or classical (what you'd expect college's to hear)

A little background on my music ability

Skill: I'd say intermediate, I can handle just about anything but soloing......I've been working on improv over back tracks and speed building lately. I don't experiment a whole lot with Jazz, but definetley would love to go deeper into it. I know the 5 minor pentatonic scale patterns and 7 Modes

Knowlege of Theory: I know very basic, like what creates music, flats/sharps, circle of 5ths, key, am studying more on my own

Reading Music: Learning how to for the first time....

Favorite Jazz Guitarists: Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery, Django Reinhardt, Larry Carlton

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yeah I would agree with Jeff Beck... Either cause we've ended as lovers or Over the Rainbow cause its recognisable and a classic.
Or if you're looking to show some rhythm stuff as an intermediate player do Sweet Home Chicago, or anything for that matter by Robert Johnson. He really knew his stuff as a Blues player, if you can play it all the notes he played it with then you aint doin bad for yourself
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