Im trying to combine a rhythm and lead guitar part (played separately) in audacity but its really difficult

I play the rhythm guitar part I recorded as I try to record the lead guitar over it but even though what Im playing is in tempo with what I am hearing, it ends up not being so when I play them both back

I noticed that as soon as I finish recording a part, it scoots over to the side.I think this is the cause of the misfortune. Anybody know why and how to stop it ?
use a metronome foo'
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Use a metronome.


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Use a metronome.

EDIT: Here, I'll even help you FURTHER:


Or generate a click track in Audacity...

However, for any multi-track recording, no matter how basic I would advise that OP downloads REAPER.
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Audacity sometimes messes up tracks even if you were playing it right, so I'd advise getting Reaper and a metronome, just to make sure.
Latency bro.
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A metronome won't do him any good. Did you guys even read the OP? He is playing along with the track and when he's done its not syncing right.

Could be a bit of a latency issue with your sound card. Try Reaper instead of Audacity and you might have to install the ASIO driver. (i might have spelled that wrong).

You also posted this in the wrong section.

edit: ^ above poster beat me to the punch
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Oh, do not listen to your track whilst recording due to lag. You have to listen to what you're playing directly and using a metronome from a different source. Especially with Audacity.
I've had a similar problem with audacity when I recorded with it a long time ago, if you want a quick fix (depending on how long it is), you could sync up where the tracks begin, and then use the "change tempo" on one or the other to bring the rest of it into alignment. As I remember, the difference isn't too great, so this fix always worked for me.

Of course, if its a longer track, you might have to break it up into sections, then sync up each one.

but, this is only a quick fix if you don't really want to go through with getting new software or fixing your latency (IE, if you don't plan on doing this again in the near future). For all other cases, see the solutions mentioned above.
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Oh, do not listen to your track whilst recording due to lag. You have to listen to what you're playing directly and using a metronome from a different source. Especially with Audacity.

This because
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Latency bro.



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Are you recording right into your sound card or using a powered audio interface? (hint: really, you pretty much need to do the latter)
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This happens to everyone. If I remember correctly, it's called "drifting".

Try setting the track's sample format to 16 bit PCM (you should probably set this to the default in the Preferences) as opposed to the 32 bit float. Solved a lot of my problems. It still drifts a little bit, but significantly less than when on 32 bit float. It shouldn't be noticeable when recording something say around 2 minutes.

EDIT: As for the track scooting over to the side, this is because Audacity is trying to compensate for lag even if it isn't there (although usually, it does this without problems). If the track hasn't drifted too much, just drag it back into place.
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